Owen Cotten

Software Developer

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Hello, I'm Owen Cotten. I was born and raised in New Albany, Mississippi. I graduated from New Albany High School. I am currently attending Base Camp Coding Academy. From a young age, I was always interested in technology. This interest in technology lead me into taking computer classes in highschool, where I excelled. Eager to deepen this knowledge and turn my passion into a career, I made the decision to enroll at Base Camp Coding Academy. I'm a creative problem solver and a dedicated learner, always eager to take on new challenges.



ShareSpace is a user-friendly file sharing platform that allows users to upload, manage, and share various file types with ease.


SkinPro is an innovative web application designed to offer personalized skincare routines using AI technology.

Vocabulary Expander

Vocabulary Expander is a react game I made using two apis. It generates random words and the user has to match the right definition to the right word.

Library Management System

The Library Management System is a Java console application designed to streamline book management tasks for library owners. It simplifies processes such as book search, borrowing, and return, enhancing the overall efficiency of library operations.


Passvault is a python program built using the tkinker GUI library. It is used to conveniently store login information and generate random passwords for an infinite number of accounts.